Видове камиони използвани за транспорт и спедиция

Types of trucks


This is the most commonly used truck, which is suitable for most the types of goods which do not require a temperature regime.

The maximum load of the car depends on the number of axles, its construction and load distribution. It consists of a tractor and a semi-trailer, which can be dismantled, allowing side loading and often – loading with a crane.


The drawbar trailers are used for bulkier, but less heavy cargo, due to the bigger loading volume.


The megatrailer is a type of flatbed truck, but with a greater height, which allows a load with bigger height or larger amount of product.


The jumbo is a car that is about 2.5 m high up to the 4th meter, and reaches 3.0 m at the remaining 9.60 m.


The difference between the trailer type and the van is that the van has solid walls, which allows the loading of goods with which there otherwise will be a hazard of inflating the tarpaulin.

It also foresees thermal insulation, thus protecting the product from moisture or theft. The maximum load is usually less than in flatbed cars, because the own weight of this type of truck is greater. The van is only loaded from the rear.


This type of car is different in size and usually has a maximum load of up to 3.5 tons. Such a car is suitable for more urgent cargo of little volume of goods.


This truck is used to transport goods under temperature conditions. It has a refrigeration unit that maintains the temperature desired by the customer.

Most refrigerated trucks also have a thermograph that records the temperature throughout the transport. There are also two-chamber refrigerated trucks. Each chamber can maintain a separate temperature.

This allows grouping of two types of goods at two different temperature regimes. The refrigerator is only loaded from the rear.


Various in size, the clothing trucks are suitable for transporting clothes on a hanger. They are always a type of van – with solid walls.

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