Groupage shipments

Groupage shipments – If you must transport a small load that is not sufficient to fill an entire truck, then groupage transport would be the best choice. In this manner, several customers with small shipments in one direction can share the costs by grouping their loads in one truck. DM Auto Service EOOD provides the opportunity to transport groupage shipments in European countries: transport to England, transport to Belgium, transport to Bulgaria, transport to Germany, transport to Greece, transport to France and others. You need to know that not every load could be grouped, for example goods that require a special mode of transportation. If your shipment is of fast-moving goods, ready-made clothing or does NOT have a special mode of transportation, then you can safely take advantage of this type of transport.

We use the national road network for the transportation of all types of cargo, as well as all roads that allow passing on them (roads from first to third class).

DM Auto Service Ltd. is a reliable and secure partner for freight transport and we guarantee professional, fast and correct delivery to your chosen destination. We also offer customs services.